Buying a Pressure Washer For Car

A pressure washer for car should have a long hose. Most come with shorter hoses under 30 feet. You can purchase an extension if necessary. A universal coupling is also common. A good length for the hose is about 50 feet. This will allow you to reach any part of the car without having to keep repositioning it. Also, consider the soap tank size. Smaller tanks tend to be difficult to refill, so a large one is ideal.

Some pressure washers come with brushes that can be used to scrub the car as water is sprayed. For models without detergent tanks, you’ll have to buy an attachment for it. Detergent is important, and most people forget about it. Using dish soap instead of specialized soap can ruin your car. You can find a pressure washer that comes with soap dispensers. While you can use just water to wash your car, it’s best to use a specialized soap designed for cars tunai4d.

If you’re looking to clean your car, a pressure washer is an excellent choice. Although it can damage paint or scratch metal, a pressure washer can effectively remove stubborn buildup. It can also remove brake dust, mud, and sticky bug guts. It’s also good for removing bird droppings and graffiti. However, make sure you use the right pressure, as some models can cause damage to your car. When you buy a pressure washer for car, make sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before purchasing one.

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