Discover The Top 6 Custom Label Materials & Their Unique Benefits

Are you looking for the perfect custom label material to showcase your brand? Knowing which is right for you can be challenging with so many options. But don’t worry – we’ve got your back! This article will explore the top six custom label materials and their unique benefits. Many choices can help make your labels stand out, from compostable paper to clear vinyl. So let’s start our journey through these fantastic materials – buckle up and come along for the ride!

1. Clear vinyl 

Clear vinyl is the label material for the savvy brand that wants a high-class, no-label look for their products. This material provides a crystal-clear finish, making it ideal for showing off vibrant colors and intricate designs. Plus, the vinyl is durable, waterproof, and resistant to fading, so your labels will maintain their clarity and vibrancy for a long time. If you want to create a label that truly stands out, clear vinyl is the perfect option. Say goodbye to traditional labels and design a clear vinyl label with a sleek and modern look.

2. White vinyl 

Look no further than white vinyl when you want a jack-of-all-trades custom label material. This versatile option is perfect if you’re unsure how to use your labels, as it can complement any color scheme and design. White vinyl provides a clean, crisp finish to make your text and graphics stand out. It’s also waterproof and resistant to fading, making it a durable choice for products that might get wet or exposed to sunlight. White vinyl is glossy, giving it a premium look without breaking the bank. So, if you’re looking for a reliable material to enhance any label design, you can’t go wrong with a white vinyl label.

3. Glitter vinyl

Looking to add some sparkle to your product labels? Look no further than glitter vinyl! Not only does it add a touch of glamour to any design, but it is also perfect for luxury products. The glitter particles catch the light and draw the eye in, making your product stand out on the shelf. And, unlike traditional glitter, glitter vinyl won’t shed or rub off, so your labels will maintain their sparkle and shine for the long haul.  Plus, glitter vinyl is durable and waterproof, so it’s ideal for products that might get wet or exposed to the elements.  Whether you’re selling high-end cosmetics or fashionable accessories, glitter vinyl can add that extra touch of luxury to enhance the perception of your brand.

4. Compostable paper 

Compostable labels are the perfect choice for eco-conscious brands. This material is made from biodegradable, natural materials like sugarcane and wheat straw fiber, making it safe to compost or recycle. Not only is it better for the environment, but its soft texture also provides a great canvas for showcasing intricate designs. However, compostable paper is not waterproof, so we recommend using the indoors and away from water only. With compostable materials, you can create a label that looks good and does good.

5. Static cling 

Say goodbye to messy, sticky labels with static cling! This material is the perfect choice for temporary promotions or events because it sticks using static only, no glue required. You can slap these babies on any smooth surface and watch them cling for dear life. And when it’s time to remove them, they’ll come off cleanly without leaving any residue behind. So don’t be afraid to get creative with static cling – stick them on your jars, bottles, or best friend’s forehead (just kidding, please don’t do that). With static cling, the possibilities are endless, and the mess is non-existent.

With this wide range of label materials, you can create a custom label perfect for your product. Whether you’re looking for something eye-catching and luxurious or eco-friendly and compostable, an option here will fit your needs. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials until you find the best one for your brand. If you want help finding the right material for your project, take this quiz for some inspiration.

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