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How to Use Index Match to Find the Same Value in Multiple Tabs

How can I use INDEX-MATCH to find the same value in multiple tabs? Basically, INDEX-MATCH works like VLOOKUP but allows you to look up columns on both sides of the search column. For example, if I want to find the height of a certain person, I can type in the name Kevin and look up that column using the INDEX formula. But, if I need to find the weight of a particular person, I can type in “Kevin” and get the value that matches.

The MATCH function searches for a value in cell B10 and returns it to the range A2:B10. For example, if you enter Cierra Vega in cell B2, you’ll get Cierra Vega in the range A10:B10. However, if you enter Cierra Vegea in cell A10, the INDEX function will find her in the Department field (D1,B8).

In INDEX MATCH, you can specify multiple criteria, such as a column or a row. The result will be the first instance of the match. The other criteria are ignored. If no matches are found, the function will return #N/A. You can specify as many criteria as you wish, but don’t forget to use 0 as a constant value. This formula is perfect for searching multiple tabs at once.

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