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What is the Most Common Cause of Car Crash Deaths?

If you’ve ever wondered: “What is the most common cause of car crash deaths?” you’re not alone. There are thousands of deaths caused by auto accidents every year, and it’s a grim statistic to think about. The National Safety Council provides estimates of fatality rates from crashes involving motor vehicles. Here are the most common causes of car crash deaths:

Distracted driving is the leading cause of fatal crashes. Drivers’ attention is diverted from the road when they are distracted by cell phones, reading maps, putting on makeup, or talking on the phone. In fact, there were 77 accidents involving passengers actively distracting drivers. In addition, 35% of collisions involved tailgating. Many crashes result in severe injuries and often require extensive rehabilitation. This is why it’s so important to be alert while driving.

Broken bones are one of the most common causes of car crashes. Some people sustain a simple fracture while others suffer a complex one. A head-on collision is the most likely cause of fatal car crashes, but a distracted driver can make this happen. Head-on collisions are especially deadly, even if they happen at low speeds. The impact of a head-on collision can be multiple times greater than that of a collision caused by another vehicle.

Weather is another major cause of car crash deaths. The average adult does not get the recommended amount of sleep each night, which means they may be driving fatigued a lot of the time. Drivers who are drowsy or fatigued are more likely to hit bicyclists, run red lights, or miss stop signs. Some even fall asleep at the wheel, so they may be less aware of the road.

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